Assisted Living- Info

Assisted living facilities are a kind of senior living where elderly residents get individual care, including feeding, bathing, and exercising, as well as skilled nursing care under the supervision of medical staff. Assisted living facilities differ greatly from traditional nursing homes in that medical personnel are rarely employed by assisted living facilities and most residents are able to make choices about their treatment. In an assisted living facility, there are usually several nursing residents and often a staff to provide more extensive care in situations where the senior resident may need it. In some facilities, medical care is provided exclusively for the elderly, whereas in others, other services, like housekeeping and laundry assistance may be offered to residents who want extra assistance with daily personal care. For further information see here senior assisted living near me

Assisted living services typically employ a combination of services to meet the needs of the elderly. Medical personnel will administer medications and manage medication management for the patients. Many facilities also offer meal planning and meal delivery. Certain assisted living services employ medication management programs that require the assistance of a registered dietitian or nutritionist to help residents determine the best medication and dosage for them. Nutritional assistance is also often available to help residents who are unable to eat certain foods, which are accompanied by appropriate nutrition counseling.

Most community nursing homes and adult assisted living units do not employ medical personnel, although they may contract for long-term care when necessary. Most community nursing home residents are allowed to take part in activities of daily living, though this varies from facility to facility. Some facilities, like retirement communities, allow residents to take part in all the activities of daily living; while others, like nursing home communities, provide fewer choices or more limited choices. Assisted living facilities provide a more holistic approach to serving their residents, which can include working with the patients to make sure they meet their own needs, as well as helping to provide the basic needs of their residents.