Yuri Herrera Discussed Kingdom Cons with Isaac Fitzgerald

At the Greenlight Bookstore in Lefferts Gardens, New York, Yuri Herrera discussed her book, Kingdom Cons, with Isaac Fitzgerald. This is Herrera’s first novel in English, but it is not her first translation. Signs Preceding the End of the World won the Best Translated Book Award in 2016. Both novels were translated by Lisa Dillman. The novel follows the life of a music producer and his bandmates. see this website more info here

In the conversation, Herrera mentions her struggles translating the novel. She points out that her first language is Spanish, so she makes sure that the translation is accurate. She also emphasizes that the novel is an ambitious project. While her translator may have a difficult time translating a Spanish-language novel, her first priority was ensuring that the novel was readable and accurate. She worked closely with her translator to ensure the accuracy of the translation.

One thing to consider before starting this novel is how to translate it into another language. Luckily, Yuri Herrera speaks Spanish fluently, so her translation was perfect. In fact, her first language is English, but she had a Spanish-speaking translator. Because of this, her translation was more accurate. The translator and the writer had an excellent relationship, and it showed through in the book.

Her book is a dystopian fantasy novel, and Isaac Fitzgerald talked to Yuri Herrera about the translation process. She notes that despite using the traditional Spanish language, her novel is full of details and foreign words. The language used in the book is also unusual, but it helps the reader understand the book’s underlying politics. Although there are many parts of the novel that are incomprehensible, the author also makes the prose accessible.

Her novel is a fascinating read. Yuri Herrera discusses her novel with Isaac Fitzgerald in this interview. Her novel is not entirely written in Spanish, but she uses some Spanish words. She doesn’t use traditional vocabulary in her novel, but she has a lot of interesting details to share. In fact, the dialogue between her and Isaac Fitzgerald is very witty. The discussion was very insightful and she praised it!

Her book isn’t the first novel she’s published. In fact, she was the first Latin-American author to translate it. “Its language is very different from English.” In this article, Yuri Herrera Discussed Kingdom with Isaac Fitzgerald and the World in Spanish, a bestselling Mexican novel. While I praised the translation, I wasn’t surprised that her book is not only a translation of a Latin American novel, but also the first in English.