Tips to Find an Estate Planning Attorney

When choosing an Estate planning attorney, it is essential to consider a variety of factors. In addition to experience in your state’s laws, you should choose a lawyer with extensive experience in estate planning. If you plan to create a comprehensive estate plan, an attorney should be knowledgeable of all of the estate planning tools and be willing to discuss which ones are most appropriate for your situation. Additionally, attorneys may charge flat fees or hourly rates, depending on their expertise and how complex your situation is.Have a look at Keystone Law Firm for more info on this.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the estate plan itself. The fee schedule for estate planning attorneys  is based on a percentage of the total value of the estate. For example, if you leave behind a $200,000 estate, your attorney will charge you $4000. That fee may not seem like a lot, but it can quickly add up. This makes no sense for the client’s financial future. Ultimately, you’ll end up with an estate plan that costs twice as much as you initially planned.

The next consideration is whether you want to hire a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. Although there is no universal standard, you want to hire an attorney who specializes in estate planning. While an attorney with another area of law might be able to handle your case, it may not be as thorough or comprehensive. To find an estate planning attorney, start by contacting the state and local bar associations. Check out advertisements on TV and online to find a qualified attorney in your area.

An estate planning attorney will likely charge a starting fee for a first meeting. This initial meeting will allow you to discuss your needs and determine whether or not this type of attorney is right for you. Having a quote in hand will help you compare different attorneys and stay within your budget. A fixed fee for an initial consultation may be sufficient, while an hourly rate for additional meetings and review of documents can vary greatly. The amount you pay for an estate planning attorney will depend on the length of your project and the complexity of your estate plan.

When hiring an estate planning attorney, make sure that he or she has the experience and expertise to effectively execute your estate plan. Not only will this help you avoid the stress of probate, it can also protect your assets in the event of your death. A properly designed estate plan will help you avoid costly probate and avoid disqualifying you for government benefits and retirement programs. In addition, an attorney will ensure your estate planning documents are legal and compliant with the applicable laws.

Another factor to consider when hiring an estate planning attorney is your state’s regulations. Most states regulate who can be appointed as personal representative, trustee, health care proxy, and attorneys-in-fact. However, the United States Constitution requires that legal documents be recognized by different states. Nevertheless, not all states adhere to this law, and an estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in your state. That way, you can avoid costly mistakes and avoid paying a higher tax bill than you would have otherwise.


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